Bradford White

Bradford White KwickShot Electric Tankless Water Heaters 3.5KW

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  • On Demand Hot Water—No delay.
  • Reduced Energy Waste—Flow switch activates heater only on demand (no stand-by heat loss). 99% efficient.
  • Continuous Hot Water—No storage capacity to run out. n No Need for a T&P Relief Valve—Check local codes.
  • Integral Flow Restrictor—Built-in to ensure proper
  • temperature rise.
  • Prevention Of Bacteria Growth.
  • Easy Installation—Mounts on wall – no sweat connections.
  • Ni Chrome Heating Element—A unique, patented flow path ensures optimum heat transfer and extended element life.
  • Durable Design—Reduces calcification and sedimentation. n Space Saving Installation—Compact size.
  • High Temperature Limit Switch (ECO)—Protects against element burn out, with reset button.
  • Warranty—Heaters are designed for durability and guaranteed against failure due to leaks of Heater Body/ Element Assembly for a period of 10 years. Field serviceable element with replaceable cartridge element (1 year warranty).
  • Single Phase and Three Phase models—Single Phase models 240 volt and below are cUL certified.



Thermostatic (Single Point - Single Phase) Specifications

    • Depth : 73.02 mm
    • Height : 273.05 mm
    • Width : 133.35 mm
    • Model Number : ES-5500-4-S-10


    • Cover: ABS UL rated 94Vo.
    • Glass reinforced Fortron® Heater Body and Ni Chrome Element
    • Color: White
    • Standard temperature range 100°F-140°F. Maintains accurate temperature control +/- 1°F
    • Element: Replaceable cartridge insert
    • Pipe-Fittings: 1/2" compression at bottom of unit.
    • Operating Pressure: Min 25 PSI, Max 150 PSI.