Solar Water Heaters | Kairos Thermo DR-2

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Kairos Thermo DR-2

Thanks to optimized water stratification, KAIROS THERMO DR-2 reduces the mixing of hot and cold water in the tank. In addition, due to optimal tank insulation, the solar water heater is able to maintain the water hot all night long.


Titanshield Technology:
Double action technology that ensures total protection against tank corrosion

Compliant with European quality certification for solar systems

Hail-resistant thick glass

The elegant aesthetics is designed in collaboration with Italian designers, an attention to details that dares to be shown off


  • More hot water thanks to direct solar water heating technology. 
  • Increased tank insulation to guarantee long-lasting hot water storage 
  • Stable water temperature during the withdrawal thanks to optimized tank stratification.
  • Tailored solar range for sun belt
  • Each component of solar water heater (collector, tank and installation kit) is 100% made to last.
  • Total safety guaranteed by tank safety valve and thermostat*, by collector tempered glass and by installation kit robustness.
  • Every single component and the complete solar water heater are carefully and strictly. tested on quality, efficiency and performances.    
  • Easy installation thanks to “insert and click” connections between collector and hydraulic kit.
  • Designed in Italy.
  • Available in 100, 150, 200, 250, & 300 L capacity.

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